Jubilee Picnic

Event Location: Tyson and Janet Garnett's Field

12:00 - 18:00 05/06/2022

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Picnic

With special thanks to all the volunteers and folk who provided their help and support for free.

Tyson and Janet Garnett for the loan of their lovely field.

The Ennerdale and Kinniside Show Committee (incl. The Herdwick Sheep Breeders Society) for the marquee and loan of tables and chairs.

Ned Lister for organising the erection and taking down of the marquee.

Local businesses: Especially, The Shepherd’s Arms and The Fox and Hounds, for generous prizes and a fabulous Sherry Trifle and Ross Whitfield for the colour printing.

Mr Chris Abbot for his first responder attendance.

The field and marquee preparation crew which included.

Paul and Steve for cutting and preparing the field

The Ennerdale Valley Chair scrubbers for inspecting and cleaning 150 chairs, you all know who you are

The tables layout team for setting out the and decorating the tables

The flower arrangements provide by Team Longmoorhead

Diana and Gillian for the table cloths.

Alex for organising the kiddies play area

Various tall fellas for setting out the Marquee bunting and banners

Richard for the loan of his barbeque.

The whole of the parish who came along and gave their support and showed that our community is strong even after the pandemic and two lock-downs.

And last but not least our own highly trained and slightly overdressed Town Crier, David.

If I have missed anybody then please accept my apologies, you were appreciated, but there were just too many people to remember.

Nancy Rowson.

And thanks to Alex Young for sharing her photos! (Jane)

Additional Documents

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